1. kharimateen:

    PHILLY I’M BACK FRIDAY NIGHT WITH THESE GUYS THAT ARE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF funnyordie: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/d5ab5ec33f/man-hears-for-the-first-time

    Come join me:

    Fresh off our jam-packed one year anniversary bash and cleansed of cake, HANG ON is back with another stellar lineup and a show full of surprises! On Friday, July 18th at 8 PM, join us at the Playground at the Adrienne Theater for a show you do not want to miss.

    Hang On is the only comedy talk show where the audience can be part of the conversation. Each month, Aaron Nevins is joined by fascinating and hysterical guests, and audience wrangler Dan Vetrano is armed with a microphone in the audience for whenever you have something to say.

    This month’s amazing guests include:

    KHARI MATEEN - Grammy-nominated musician, composer and producer. In addition to his incredible work as a solo artist, he has produced numerous tracks for THE ROOTS on their albums Game Theory and Undun. Khari scored the Emmy-nominated Sundance series BRICK CITY and the film EXPLICIT ILLS. Soul Train named his album WAIT FOR SUNRISE one of the Top 10 Albums of 2012.

    AMANDA BLANK - singer and rapper whose music has been featured on Pitchfork, Stereogum, and more. Her debut album I Love You was produced by DIPLO and SWITCH, and featured the popular songs “Might Like You Better” and “Make It Take It.” She is a frequent collaborator of rapper SPANK ROCK and a member of the band SWEATHEART.

    Plus a panel of hilarious comics ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT, RYAN SHANER, and CHELSEA ZOLADZ! And the evening will be kicked off by some standup comedy from the very funny MATT MCCUSKER.

    And all of this can be yours for just FIVE MEASLY BUCKS! Just go to https://hangon.brownpapertickets.com/ to pick up your $5 tickets. Seating is limited, and most of our shows have sold out, so grab your tickets now!

    HANG ON with Aaron Nevins
    Friday, July 18th at 8 PM

    The Playground at the Adrienne Theater
    2030 Sansom St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    $5 Ticket Link: https://hangon.brownpapertickets.com/

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    It been amazing hanging out in Europe and I will be back again. I’m back in the states, I’m staying at a good friends house. (Thank you so much Joey Costa) flight was canceled due to bad weather, I’m just happy we got here before it got really bad. Feeling pretty blessed. Now I have to get a few things together, then pop down to philly! Going to say hello to my buddy Seth here in NYC, his birthday is today. Really awesome dude. Now I have to get ready for some solo shows for my own music and have some fun catching up with wilkinsky and thelunchroom #go!

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    Khari Mateen - We Kid (Khari EP)

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    Know Me Well by Khari Mateen http://ift.tt/1zbCTEh

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    Falls End by Khari Mateen http://ift.tt/1kkvR63

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    Khari Mateen - Full Moon (Live) 

    download: Full Moon

    Excited to be enjoying new music. Khari Mateen: Full Moon, live


    Absolutely love this song….


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    on Spotify -> www.Khari.me/Spotify

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    In honour of the rare full moon tonight (13.06.2014)


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    Wow I’m in Oslo right now and it’s amazing. The vibes have been great here. I’m about to play #vglista in a few hours. This may be one of the biggest crowds I have ever seen. I want to spend more time traveling. I want to bring the ones I love so that they may enjoy this as well. Photo credit: @stuntmanphotography

  11. at 15th & Locust St.

  12. AUF #pencilcases #powermoves (at Honeys Sit and Eat)

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    "We Are Building” that’s what I call this shot. I want to keep my focus in check and Keep my heart right. Good Morning! From Turkey #LOVEYOU About to hit the gym get some breakfast and rock a show. Feeling really blessed, I want to take every second of this in. I’m about to embark on a real journey when I return to the States. #prepofalifetime (at Istanbul - Turkey)


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    Awesome mural by Nosego and Curiot at Project M/4 in Berlin. @nosego @curiotli @urbannationberlin @thinkspace_art