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  2. Next Week’s Adventure: Works by NoseGo
    April 27th – June 16th

    Opening Reception • Friday, April 27th • 6-10pm

    Gallery Open Hours • Every Saturday • 6-10pm

    The show consist of wild animals and characters interacting in outrageous, unusual and oddly unique ways.

    Check Facebook for event details HERE

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  5. 2020 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146

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  6. KhariNoahYis [the lunchroom]

    Next Week’s Adventure: Works by NoseGo at  Paradigm Gallery + Studio[link]

  7. New NoseGo Mural off South Street [more]

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  8. NoseGo

  9. “I paint what the kid in me would approve of” - NoseGo

    Next Week’s Adventure II  by NoseGo is currently on display at Paradigm Gallery in South Philly

    [read article at PhillyWeekly.com]

  10. The Make Do:

    NoseGo in action. MAD vs. CANCER in process #1

  11. Paradigm Magazine Presents: Rear Window with NoseGo

    Directed | Produced | Edited by Derrick Woodyard for Paradigm Magazine 

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  12. I want to create. I want to build stuff. I want to contribute. I don’t want to be told how to live. I wanna live the way I feel I should. [VIDEO]

  13. Yis Goodwin:

    Midnight - mix media on wood

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