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  2. Apple’s market cap just passed the combined capitalizations of Spain, Greece and Portugal combined

  3. Stat of the Day: 53.6% of Young Graduates Don't Have Jobs

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  4. The 13 Most Useful* College Majors

    The 13 Most Useful* College Majors (As Determined By Science)

    1. Nursing 

    2. Mechanical Engineering 

    3. Electrical Engineering 

    4. Civil Engineering 

    5. Computer Science

    6. Finance 

    7. Marketing and Marketing Research 

    8. Mathematics 

    9. Accounting

    10. French, German, Latin, and other Common Foreign Languages 

    11. General Business 

    12. Elementary Education 

    13. Economics 

    *Useful, for our purposes, is defined by majors most likely to lead to less unemployment and higher earnings, and which are in industries projected to grow in the next decade according to research from Georgetown University and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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  5. Wages for Americans age 25-34 have decreased 5% since 2001 while tuition rates have increased 8% PER YEAR on average.

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  8. US Employees working from home full or part time on the rise. Today, roughly 2.8 million people call their homes their primary workplace, with an additional 20 to 30 million working from home at least one day a week

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  9. I loved my internships. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. But I also recognize that my parents’ income afforded me those internships. Without their summer cash, I would have had to seek work at Best Buy, or Starbucks, or another place that paid more than zero dollars an hour. As students of privilege cluster in posh unpaid internships that open doors while lower-income students cluster in retail and food preparation jobs, income inequality yawns. Having extra money allows for unpaid internships, which lead to jobs that pay yet more money. Even if unpaid internships are a win-win for employers and students, this is not what egalitarianism looks like.

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  11. FACT: The number of students who have to go into debt to get a bachelor’s degree has risen from 45% in 1993 to 94% today.

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  12. "In inflation-adjusted dollars, the Dow would need to hit 15,731.54 to break the record.” In fact, in inflation-adjusted terms, the Dow is still well below it’s 2000 high.

    The Dow Jones’s new high is fake