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  2. Track: Little Ghost (Mastered)

    Elevator Fight - Post Empire

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  3. Track: Post Empire

    Elevator Fight - Post Empire

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  4. Elevator Fight

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  5. LIVEstream: Khari Mateen mastering new Elevator Fight album at The Lunchroom

    Streaming by Ustream

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  6. Zoe & Khari performing at Afro-Punk

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  7. // new Elevator Fight is coming soon //

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  8. New Music Video: “My Taste” by Khari Mateen | The Key

    If you missed his sublime Wait for Sunrise EP from last year, now might be a good time to acquaint yourself with Philly producer and multi-instrumentalist Khari Mateen. He’s worked with The Roots and received a Grammy nomination for his production on their 2006 album Game Theory. He also plays in the hooky rock and roll combo Elevator Fight, which is gearing up to release its debut LP this year.


  9. If I ever again find myself curled up in a tent up in the mountains so stoned I'm having uncontrollable orgasms, I want Dominic and Ritz in there with me.

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