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  2. General Recipe For Digital Success:

      1. It must be free, with minimal transaction effort.
      2. There should be exaggerated claims of ultimate learning outcomes without evidence. Place the promise on the future, not now.
      3. It needs to make people feel like they’ve learned something in a few minutes by giving them a thumbs up, or badge for accomplishing something trivial.
      4. The copy on the site needs to tell the visitors to your site exactly what to say about it, regardless of veracity, because most reporters won’t take the time to actually go through the lessons themselves (or if they do, they won’t know enough about the subject matter itself to make an educated statement about it).

    You do these things, and voila! You’ve got a popular technology that the twitterverse will love and the Silicon Valley will throw money at with reckless abandon!

    (Source: wilkinsky.us)