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  3. Forgot to make a big deal of this earlier, but Tumblr crossed the 20-billion-post mark Monday night


  4. New Apps To Help The Shift To Facebook Timeline

    Here are a few popular music apps with links to adjustments they’ve made for Timeline:

    BandPage: In addition to the BandPage upgrades announced a few weeks ago, brand new adjustments include:

    • Widescreen Timeline Version of BandPage (810 pixel) so now users can convert their page to this new size.
    • A switch to fb.bandpage.com instead of listn.to  
    • Navigation bar has been moved to the top, as people weren’t clicking on photos / videos / store as much as they’d like, mostly due to how hidden it was (essentially making it more of a “nav” panel now)

    ReverbNation: Implemented a new set of simple tools that give users flexibility to customize their timeline with function-specific app buttons (sort of like a smartphone home screen) – “Play” to get to your music,  “Watch” links straight to your videos, “Shop” for merchandise, etc…

    Nimbit: Facebook Promo Tool, Spotlight Store, and enhanced usability across the board with unified controls for all stores including those on partner services PledgeMusic and FanBridge

    FanBridge: New tabs for Store, Videos, Music, etc…

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  5. Great examples of Facebook’s Timeline features

  6. Great examples of Facebook’s Timeline features

  7. Great examples of Facebook’s Timeline features

  8. Great examples of Facebook’s Timeline features

  9. Great examples of Facebook’s Timeline features

  10. Great examples of Facebook’s Timeline features

  11. Savvy brands understand how to flirt with their followers. And they understand the currency of the social drug.

    Flirting with Brands on Social Media

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  12. In the connection era, the marketing is the product, the service and most of all the conversations it causes and the connections it makes.

    Seth Godin

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  13. New Zealand cricket captain Chris Cairns has been awarded £90,000 in damages after allegations on Twitter that he was involved in match-fixing.

    Ex-cricketer Chris Cairns wins £90,000 libel damages over Tweeted allegations

  14. Social media is not a gateway for an unruly mob. Social media is part of a shift where citizens are valuing personal expression, and are less interested in the thread of institutional accuracy.

    Lies are still illegal, but life, which is now expressed over social media, is rarely so clear cut.

    Social Media and Libel