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  2. The question is, how sticky is Spotify? Is it able to hold on to users for more than a year? The free people are not signing up for a long period of time, or at the highest pricing tier, or they’re not renewing.

    Problem is that there’s $200 million-plus already sunk into this…

    Spotify Has 600,000 US Subscribers; Frustratingly Low Conversion Rates…

    Fuck Spotify.

  3. Albums are now a niche market, and Spotify may have vastly over estimated that in the search for world domination. ITunes gives you the track you want, to your phone, for less that the price of a soda. If you see the mammoth plays on youtube videos on artists like Rhianna and Katy Perry it is because kids play them over and over and over again. Just have a teen year come stay at your house for a week and you will know what I mean. Over, and over, and fucking over again.

    Spotify, You’ve Got Coke All Over Your Face…book

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  4. The music industry is now a visual entity, like it or not.

    Spotify thinks it is ahead of the curve, but in reality it is desperately lagging.

  5. EPIC. SHIT. - New Music Player Toma.hk Embeds Music from Spotify, SoundCloud, Last.fm, AND your own computer. 

    Stop chasing your music across different machines, services and websites. It’s time to take the work out of “play”. If the song you want to listen to is in your local library, it just plays. If the song is on a remote machine, it just plays. If the song is on the web, or available from your subscription service, it just plays. By abstracting a piece of content’s metadata from its file location, users can easily share playlists, listening history and more. It’s sort of like Wonka Vision, Tomahawk will reassemble it on the other side. OK, maybe that’s not a good analogy… but it’s just as delicious.

    Yeah, it’s like a “genius” playlist… only smarter. We thank our friends at the The Echo Nest for the “smarter” part. You want an upbeat station that only plays obscure songs from artists similar to your favorites? Or, maybe you want the most popular songs that fit the description “moody”? Perhaps you have just heard about a new genre called “foamcore” and want to see what the fuss is all about? Whatever you are seeking, we’ve got the knobs and dials to find it for you.

    Free Download For:  Mac  |  Windows


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  6. Facebook begins testing new ‘Share Music’ feature in News Feed Share box

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  7. This morning, Spotify announced that it had reached 4 million paying subscribers worldwide, with 15 million active users.  

    WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?  It means Spotify is underdelivering against fairly wild expectations, on a number of fronts.  And 4 million is nowhere near where this company needs to be.  This is a company with hundreds of millions of dollars in financing.This isn’t a fun music play, it’s a gigantic financial gamble.

    Upon entering the US, for example, they promised 50 million active users to advertisers - within the first year.  Maybe revolutions take longer than that, if Spotify and its highly-leveraged structure can afford the time.


  8. Incisive comment on a Digital Music News post

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  9. http://khari.me

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  10. Listen to Khari Mateen (@Kharrari) on @Spotify - http://t.co/i8NRGiHK

    Music Video: “Bye Bye” - http://youtu.be/uCuVbVZT8Wo?hd=1

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  12. TOLD YOU SO: Apple’s Online Radio Service to Challenge Pandora in 2013  |  Bloomberg

    Apple to start an advertising-supported streaming radio service by early next year


    Radio is the next adventure.

  13. Soundrop revamped their Spotify app, hosted Kendrick Lamar listening party | SOUNDCNTRL

    Announcements such as these and the real-time song commentary exemplified Spotify and Soundrop’s goal to make music social and unveiled a new medium for artists and fan interaction.

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  14. Troy Carter interview: Lady Gaga’s manager on the future of social media

    Knowing user behaviour spells success – and how a teenager’s news-crunching website could be the next big thing

    “The way consumers interact with music is different now. It’s not an albums business any more, it’s a singles business again and the industry has gone through that before. People are experimenting with streaming, with subscription services, whether it’s a Spotify or a Pandora or a Rdio. I think piracy itself is going to end up going away. If you can get something for absolutely free [instead of] stealing it, and the quality of free is actually better than the quality of stealing it, the choice becomes easy.”

    “A ‘like’ [on Facebook] doesn’t necessarily translate as a fan. It’s a very passive relationship. It’s more important to have the one million diehard fans, than to have 54 million people who aren’t necessarily fans or they might have liked one thing you said, or one video. It’s being able to segregate those audiences and knowing who the super-fans are.”

    “We think the future of social media are micronetworks and communities built around specific interests.”

    Well said.

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  15. The idea is that music experts will update themed playlists, celebs will highlight their favorite new tracks, and artists will curate mixtapes and offer exclusive content to their Spotify followers. It’s a return to a more personal mode of discovery from days of old, when a popular radio DJ or record store clerk would turn you on to hot jams. Both those things are dying off in the digital age, but Spotify thinks that music experts outside your network are still a great portal to discovery.

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