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  2. We’re not winning…. Our efforts are Unsustainable

    The FBI’s top cyber cop Shawn Henry describing FBI efforts to battle computer hackers


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  4. Remember that UPS truck driver that delivered your iPad? Apple wants credit for the creation of that job.

    Apple’s Claims Of Creating 500,000 Jobs May Be Overblown

  5. Human categorization can only go so far… computers sift through millions of works and find their common themes by sorting related words into categories. It’s a field called probabilistic topic modeling. Other research tools identify shifts in language over time that could signal important cultural, scientific or historical changes.

    Words by the Millions, Sorted by Software

    "Teaching computers to sift through the digital pages of books and articles and categorize the contents"

  6. Early adopter brands using Timeline with fewer than 1 million Likes saw an uptick in user engagement. Brands with 1 million to 10 million followers saw a 17.43 percent drop in comments and 11.57 percent drop per brand post.

    Facebook Timeline Rolls Out to All Brand Pages

  7. Patents are the defense mechanism for capitalism.

    Why Google Might Be Going to $0

  8. iTunes Advice #56

    Always buy or rent the SD versions of movies and TV shows on iPhone and iPad devices

  9. for GAMEBOY Lovers

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  10. A former Google engineer is leading a team of two dozen Facebook engineers dedicated to creating an improved Facebook search engine that will make it easier for users to more easily find shared or liked articles, videos, and status updates.

    This doesn’t sound like Facebook’s attempt to become a traditional information retrieval type of web search engine like Google or Bing, which both crawl and show results for the entire web based on hundreds or thousands of signals and ranking factors. Rather, it seems like this is more a case of Facebook trying to provide better search results within the social network’s walls based on its big data – relationships, locations, Likes, subscriptions, images, and so on. Besides, Facebook just doesn’t have the engineers on the payroll to create a full-on Google competitor.

    Perhaps this could be a step toward a future social search engine that Facebook could monetize with pay-per-click ads and become a player in what is forecast to be a $19+ billion industry this year.

    Facebook Search Engine Overhaul in Works - Is Facebook Building a Google competitor?

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  11. 13 Nonprofit and Social Good Job Opportunities in Philadelphia


    Part-Time Addiction Counselor
    Project H.O.M.E.

    Experienced Teachers-Summer Employment

    Museum Educator, Adult Public Programs
    Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Volunteer Manager
    Kimmel Center

    Franklin Square Operations Supervisor
    Historic Philadelphia, Inc.

    Summer VISTA
    Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service

    Volunteer Literacy Counselor
    Delaware County Literacy Counci

    Grants Administration and Operations Specialist
    Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management

    GIS Program Manager
    Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management


    Rock to the Future Intern
    Rock to the Future

    Summer Internships
    The Mann Center of the Performing Arts

    MicroTest Internship Summer (paid)
    Entrepreneur Works

    Marketing Internship
    Independence Visitor Center Corporation

  12. The arrival of Facebook could help Google say it is not dominant after all. Google, which controls 60%-70% of the search market, has long tried to refute antirust charges by saying competition is “just a click away.”

    Google may need this argument more than ever now that it has jettisoned purely objective search results in favor of promoting more social forms of search. In the past, Google has argued that objective results proved it wasn’t abusing its market power — this argument no longer holds water in light of the recent search changes.

    How Facebook Search Could Be a Gift to Google

    **Update on Facebook search news

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  13. DuckDuckGo: 1.5 million daily queries and climbing for Paoli search engine

    DuckDuckGo continues to be the little search engine that could.

    On Wednesday, March 28, DuckDuckGo hit an all time high of 1,518,581 direct queries in one day

  14. 7 Reasons Start-ups Fail:

    #7. Ignoring your gut

    Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson. They all learned very early on to listen to their initial instinct.

    If your gut tells you that a potential hire is not a fit with the ethics and values you set, don’t hire him. If your gut tells you that your product will never gain one customer, let alone customer traction at scale, change and do something else. If your gut tells you that an investor will probably screw you down the line, don’t take her money.

    When was the last time someone told you that they shouldn’t have listened to their gut? Exactly.

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